End Seal Wrap – Black

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Roll Length: 36 ft

Silco End Seal Wrap is an unsupported silicone rubber tape with a triangular cross section and colored guideline which makes it possible to quickly and neatly apply a consistent thickness of silicone rubber over the transition from the end of the Silco Sleeve® to the surface of the hose being protected.

The specially formulated silicone rubber provides a self-fusing, inseparable, cohesive moisture resistant barrier over a range of temperatures from -65°F/-53°C up to 500°F/260°C. Conforming smoothly when wrapped around complex forms, the tape bonds at room temperature into a single inseparable layer after 24 hours.

The product remains non-tacky to the touch and is inherently flame retardant, providing a superior alternative to the standard band clamp.

Country of origin: U.S.A.

Product Profile
Continuous Operating Temperature: 500°F/260°C
Design Build: Uncured silicone rubber tape
Design Capabilities: Good abrasion resistance; very flexible
Size / Size Range: 1″ and 1½″ widths
Roll Length: 36 ft

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