Basalt Sleeve

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Basalt Sleeve provides a high-performance solution for the more extreme temperature applications.

Knit Basalt Sleeves are constructed with basalt fiber yarns knit into a heavy-wall sleeve to provide an exceptional combination of enhanced heat resistance, thermal performance, and durability when compared to typical fiberglass sleeve products. Recommended for a continuous operating temperature of 1382°F/750°C, Basalt provides an excellent exhaust heat shield.

Our Basalt Sleeve facilitates an increase in the efficiency of a vehicle’s emission control system through the retention of high temperatures as gases flow through the exhaust system.

The knit basalt sleeve has a durable, light-weight construction that provides excellent flexibility for easier installation around tight bends and over fittings, couplings and other obstructions. The dense single-wall design provides optimal coverage and minimizes snagging during installation. In addition, the knit construction allows neat, easy field-cutting without specialized tools. Knit basalt sleeve is the ultimate solution for extreme heat applications.

Country of origin: U.S.A.

Product Profile
Certifications and Standards: ASTM G85-11
Continuous Operating Temperature: 1382°F/750°C
Design Build: Knit Basalt Fiber
Design Capabilities: Flexible, will not burn
Size / Size Range: 1″ – 5″

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